Blame Go ‘Round

Two days later, 9/9/11 (Friday), the crew from Jewell Roofing come on site and begin water testing to find the leak. The verdict – the leaks are coming from mortar cracks in the chimney. When asked about the foyer leak, they inform me there may be an area of suspect and they will seal it.

The following Monday, 9/12/11, I receive a call from the salesman that quoted the job. He informs me he will be the point person of contact going forward. I tell him I have Ashbusters scheduled for the next day to examine the chimney. The sales rep asks if he can be present and I decline, as I want to have a frank conversation with Ashbusters and may choose to have my attorney preset.

The following day, Tuesday, 9/13/11, Ashbusters arrives and examines the chimney. Upon close inspection, he reports there are some areas where mortar has eroded. He also points out there are some areas that appear to be new and have “clean” lines, with no erosion. One of these is an area Jewell contends was the leak. Ashbusters doesn’t understand how this was missed when the flashing was repaired, due to its close proximity.

The following day, 9/14/11, I inform Jewell’s sales rep that I have scheduled Ashbusters to repair the mortar and water seal the chimney. Ashbusters arrives and repairs the mortar and water seals the chimney. That evening we have another rain event and I experience 3 leaks dripping from the roof decking. I send an email to the Jewell sales rep.

On 9/15, Jewell contacts me to schedule follow-up. It will be Monday 9/19 before they can come and look at the problem.

9/19, Jewell comes on site. Tarps roof again and informs me there appear to be a few nail holes. Will be back 9/20/11 around 5pm to reroof area with holes and perform water test. Once again I express my displeasure and the lack of urgency/priority I had been given. Mentioned I had not spoken with Mr. Jewell and I felt that he should have called, given his “service” attitude.