Demolition (and Adventure) Begins

The team from Jewell arrived for the second time and put additional tarps on the roof to temporarily stop the leaks. When I point out the leak in the foyer, they tell me they believe it has rained in a crack in the brick (see photo).

Another leak found. Again, not their fault.

I had my contractor come by the next day and look at the foyer area. He drew a diagram on the house construction (wrap, brick, etc.) and explained to me that it was not possible for the water to have gotten that far with the wind.







They tear out wet drywall and insulation.

After the removal, I place fans in the room to begin the drying process. It would be 2 days later when Jewell Roofing would contact me to come onsite and perform a water test, to try and determine the cause of the leak.

Now the adventure really begins. Make sure your hands are fully inside the vehicle and the bar down across your lap is locked. This will be an “E ticket” ride!