Leak Detectives

On Tuesday morning, I received a call from the roofer, saying they were sending someone out. When I questioned about no response the night before, I received a “Sorry”.

The team arrived and began trying to find the source of the leak. There were 3 visible areas in the roof decking that were leaking and visible from the attic. The team informed me it was raining too much to find the leak and they would have to wait for drier weather to perform a leak test. I explained we were having a leak test now and it was failing! Nothing they could do but put tarps over the area and wait.

Tarps go up, roofing team leaves. Leaking continues. I call Jewell Roofing back and ask them to send them back to stop the leak. I also ask that the drywall be removed so it could begin to dry. Several hours pass with no call back nor anyone showing up. I’m still fighting the leaks with buckets, cups, and towels.

I call back and ask to speak to the owner, Ben Jewell. He personally does many of their radio ads and I felt he was a service oriented person who would want to know about my experience and make this right. I was told he was not in the office. I asked for him to return my call promptly or the next call would be from my attorney.

Mr. Jewell called and tells me he has the team headed back with instructions to remove the drywall. Their repairman would also be in contact to discuss repairs. At this point, I am still happy with my decision to use Jewell Roofing. That would change…