Niagara Falls

Labor Day weekend in Nashville we received a lot of rain. After the great Nashville Flood, I’m beginning to think it could be another (and glad I have flood insurance). As I got ready to go to bed on Monday night around 10pm, a voice told me to check the bonus room. I walked into the room and about halfway in, my feet began to squish on the carpet.

I turned on all the lights, walked to the corner of the room, pulled back the curtain on the window and was greeted with Niagara Falls (pic below).

I called the roofer’s contact who had came the previous time and got his voicemail. Left a message that is was raining in my house.

I called back about 15 minutes later and left another voicemail that I was concerned the water would get downstairs into the den and damage walls, drywall, etc. there and I needed a return call.

I never received a return call.

I called the Jewell Roofing office number (the one listed on their website right above the 24/7 On Call Emergency Roofing banner), and left a voice message. Again, no return call.

With no communication and no direction, I began pulling up the carpet and pad. Water was everywhere. I also began placing towels on the windowsill. Cups and buckets were everywhere as we tried to save the downstairs den from damage and remove the water from the bonus room.

I spent the majority of the night doing laundry (drying towels so we could reuse them) and battling the water, hoping someone from the roofer would call me back. I enjoy sleeping on a rainy night and apparently they do, too.