In The Beginning

My wife and I built our house 11 years ago. Lately, we would have a shingle or two blow off in heavy winds. I would contact my friend and excellent contractor, who would come and put them back on.

I decided it might be prudent to have the roof examined. In April 2011, I contacted several roofing companies which came and looked at the roof. It was the unanimous recommendation of all that the shingles were defective and needed to be replaced. Regretfully, it would be challenging to get the company to replace them and if the company agreed, they would only send new shingles; I would still be responsible for the labor of tear off and installation.

My builder had since gone bankrupt and out of business, so I had no recourse but to pay for the job out of my pocket. After looking at each quotation, I selected one. My selection was based on many factors, but primarily I was concerned with their reputation and years in business. These things led me to select Jewell Roofing, based in Goodlettsville, TN. I was familiar with them from their advertisements on local radio, magazines, and their web presence. Their quote was not the cheapest (over $14,000), but I felt they were the best. They advertised 24/7 On-Call Emergency Roofing, over 30 years in business, locally owned and operated, and took pride in their service.

Decision Made. (Mistake Made)