Mortar Repaired – What Now?

9/2711 – I email Jewell Roofing, asking them to come perform a water test on both the area and the entire roof. I’m not uneasy that there may be other leaks. I also manage to coordinate their schedule with Ashbusters so they can all look at the problem.
10/7/11 – Jewell’s team, sales rep, and Ashbusters are on site. Water test showed no leaks. Ashbusters believes the chimney brick on the roof decking cracked due to the heat of the summer and may need to be reinforced/supported. Recommends Vintage
Construction as he had done jobs like this previously. Called Vintage and will set up appt. on Monday.
10/10/11 – Met with Vintage Construction. After looking at it, he could not see any deflection in the 11/16 OSB decking and didn’t feel it needed bracing, but said we could put some in since the ceiling was open. He explained to my contractor what he should do to transfer some load to the second truss.
On 10/11/11, I inform Jewell’s sales rep of Vintage Construction’s opinion. I offer to split the repair costs with Jewell. I’m told there is a staff meeting the following day (10/12/11) and assures me I will get a call no later than Friday.
Friday comes and goes with no communication – no surprise here.
10/24 (12 days later) – I call and leave voice mail with the sales rep that I haven’t heard anything from them. Tell him if I haven’t heard from them by 10/25, I’ll assume they have declined my offer to split the repair and I will pursue my other options.
10/25 – I finally receive a call from the sales rep, informing me that Mr. Jewell believes he has done everything he needed to do and would not be doing anything else. – Really, again, no surprise here.