Owner Call & Follow-Up

The following day 9/20, I receive a call from the owner of Jewell Roofing, Mr. Ben Jewell, himself. He indicates he is calling because he heard I wasn’t happy that he hadn’t called me to follow-up. I informed him that it was my understanding he prided himself on service and, given the issues I had experienced, I thought I would hear from him. I also told him that waiting over a weekend for them to come back to look at the leaks did not seem like service.

His response was that he had people working on it and he didn’t feel the need to call. Overall, he seemed somewhat ambivalent to the whole thing. I thanked him for calling and made a mental note that his definition of service and mine were VERY, VERY different.

Monday, 9/20/11 – Another water test. Determines the problem is still with the chimney. I explain to him on the phone that there were 3 holes I had circled on the underside of the decking where the leaks were. He was emphatic that the water was coming in the chimney and running down to the holes in the sheeting from the old roof. Contends there are no holes in the roofing where it could be leaking. Will send me the photos they took of the chimney areas that need work so I could get them to Ashbusters. He said he would send them 9/21/11 in the morning when he got into the office.

I inform Ashbusters, who will be back the following day. I am to send them the photos so they make sure they specifically address those areas again. I wait all morning for the photos. They don’t arrive. I receive multiple calls from Ashbusters waiting on the photos. I call Jewell and ask for the photos. I inform them I have chimney masons awaiting on these photos. She would get them to me ASAP.

Hours later, no photos. I call Jewell back. I finally receive the photos and get them to the chimney masons, who work on the chimney.